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10 Tips on How to Make Moving Easier

Moving home might look like a taxing task, however there are tested methods to help make moving day much easier– it does not need to be very difficult! We have actually been assisting individuals move their products considering that 2009, and more than two million individuals have taken advantage of our specialists’ house moving services, ideas and recommendations. Whether you’re travelling across the street or to a brand-new area, we have 10 house moving tips and techniques that will help you have a smooth transition!


When you’re moving house, you require to prevent making last minute arrangements. Unless you need to pack up your house and leave in a hurry, you probably have anywhere in between 4– 8 weeks to ensure you arrange everything for your moving day. You can describe our ultimate moving home list to make sure you accomplish all your jobs.


One of the biggest realisations many individuals have as they begin to declutter and simplify their homes is that they have more unwanted things than they had actually understood. If they are simply going to be sitting unused for months, there’s no point moving boxes from your old home to your brand-new home. Save yourself energy and time by getting rid of these items– charities like Opted for Great can assist discover brand-new houses for items such as old clothing and electronics.


Make certain you stay arranged when you begin evacuating your house by guaranteeing that you get all the packing product required in advance; this includes boxes of numerous sizes, tape, sticker label labels, coloured markers and bubble-wrap. For more information, read our guide on how to pack for moving house.


Unless you are blessed with an extremely good friend who has an empty van, you will most likely require to schedule an expert to help you move house. Individuals frequently undervalue the number of products they have in their house, and the experts can not only help you raise the heavy furniture, but give advice and get things moved more efficiently and effectively. You can request your movers to assist you with everything from packing to re-assembling if you want.


You might be able to get away with using a little van and making more than one trip if you’re moving a brief distance. It’s much easier for everybody if you can manage your move in as few journeys as possible. Bearing this in mind, it will be useful to ensure you have the ideal size van to fit all your valuables safely.

Removals professionals will know how big a van to utilize, or if they even require numerous vans; but if you’re thinking of going it alone, you can utilize our removal van size calculator to find out what van you’ll need.


packing bags

Make sure you have an overnight bag with all your personal fundamentals. Even if you’re simply moving next door, you need to have a bag with all the items that you will need to be ready to work the next day (or the next few weeks if you don’t handle to unload all those boxes).

A fresh change of clothing, vital toiletries, phone chargers and snacks (and even toilet roll!) work to have in a rucksack or clear plastic box so that you can easily access them when your brand-new home is filled with moving boxes!


Make a list of energies and companies at both your existing and brand-new home that need to be informed of your moving date– getting a visit for your Web setup can typically take weeks if not months! We have an extensive list of who to inform when moving home– from the council to the post office for forwarding mail.


Requesting packaging product such as boxes and tape is something, however when you get to the big, heavy items it is essential to share as much information about your removal requires with your movers.

Firstly, you ought to inform your movers if you have overweight items e.g. a piano, swimming pool table, and if there are any access limitations such as a little elevator, walk-up only or a narrow driveway. They will accommodate your needs and plan appropriately, including if required utilizing additional movers, heavy-moving equipment or tools to disassemble your items (though not for your prized piano!). It helps if your mover is aware of all the minor details so they can move whatever effectively on the day of the move.


We understand that moving with children magnifies the tension of moving house. At AllRemovals, we wish to find methods to assist make the procedure less inconvenience, and for this function, we have produced a model cardboard box which changes into a fort. We are intending to inject fun into removals by supplying a method to keep the kids amused while enabling the grownups to concentrate on the job at hand.




Whether worked with good friends or movers and family, make sure to have some snack and drinks easily available for everybody. On a hot summertime day, your team will value a cold beverage more than you can imagine!

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